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Review Business Goals,
Define Scope,
Estimate Cost and Time

We work directly with you to fully understand the goals and requirements. Our team ensures you are fully engaged and involved in every step of the development process. Once we understand the business goals and project requirements, we define the scope of the project and incorporate Agile Project Management Processes to ensure a successful project delivery.

Web Development Process Step 1 - Review Web Project Business Goals and Define Scope
Web Development Process Step 2 - Document requirements, create roadmaps, setup agile project

Document Requirements,
Create Product Roadmaps,
and incorporate Agile Project Management Methodologies

Our highly skilled business minded project managers, developers and designers will determine what tools and techniques are needed for each feature and phase of the project. We will use Agile Project Management Methodologies, fully define each product feature, and fully define the scope of each feature for our development team. As the team creates features, we will provide user demos throughout the software development life cycle.

We Develop Persona and Process Maps,
Sketches, Wireframes, and working Prototypes

Before coding begins, we ensure we fully understand your brand, project goals, user journeys, business processes, and most importantly ensure the user experience is defined and tested.

Web Development Process Step 3 - Create personas, process maps, and wireframes
Web Development Process Step 4 - Content Creating and Coding Begins

Content Creation and Coding begins

During this phase of the project, SEO optimized content is created to include audio, video, and graphic elements. Social media channels are reviewed, optimized, checked for brand alignment, and messaging. Frameworks and CMS systems are installed and configured and your project begins to take shape. CMS plugins and components are installed, configured, or developed from scratch. Each week, we demo product or project features and make any necessary scope changes as we iterate and get closer to project completion.

Testing, Review, and Application Launch Incorporate Maintenance, Site Monitoring, and Site Security

Testing and ensuring we deliver the full scope and meet the project requirements are critical to the success of the project. We fully test each feature to ensure it meets business objectives and solves the business problem. We set up application security to include admin tools, firewalls, and user management. We also ensure we define and implement a maintenance plan to ensure the application stays updated, is protected from hackers, and performs as designed.

Web Development Process Step 5 - Application Testing and Launch, Maintenance and Site Monitoring