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Website Maintenance & Security

Business Xposure can support, update, and secure any type of website. If you have an open-source Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, we can create a custom website maintenance and security plan just for you that will keep your website updated and secure with the latest software, components, and plugins.

Keeping database driven websites and applications updated is extremely important. CMS systems like WordPress are often targeted by malicious hackers because of its popularity and vulnerability. It is important to have an automated remote backup plan in place to ensure the site can easily be recovered in the event of an attack or an update that may cause the site to stop working. Keeping these sites updated without breaking them can often be challenging as components and plugins from vendor to vendor do not often play nice together and require additional installation steps for proper operation. It is also important to have a content archiving strategy that also includes removing components, plugins, and functionality or code that is no longer in use.

If you don’t have a company helping you with website maintenance and security dealing with potential security breaches and outdated plugins and components is one of the main risks related to the use of a CMS software. If your CMS is not regularly updated and backed up, then you are exposed to the possibility of being hacked, or risk the site not working properly if a server upgrade takes place.

checkWebsite Components and Plugin Updates
checkWebsite Remote Backups
checkWebsite Hosting, Email, Domain
checkSite Monitors - Broken Links - ADA Compliance
checkContent and Media Updates
checkAgile Project Management
checkContent Management System Updates
checkRepair Hacked Websites
checkCustom Plugins and Components
checkPartial or full website redesign
checkFirewall Setup and Configuration
checkAdmin URL - Secret URL Password Protect
checkChange Configuration File Location
checkAutomatic IP Blocking of Hack Attempts
checkGeographic Block by Countries
checkCustom .htaccess File
checkCustom Robots.txt File
checkAdmin Tools
checkMalware Removal
checkSpeed Optimization