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We Build ADA Section 508 Compliant Websites

Our entire team at Business Xposure keeps ADA Section 508 in mind when developing websites, creating applications, producing videos, and downloadable documents. Section 508 is part of the US Rehabilitation Act, which requires that information and communications technology is accessible to people with disabilities. It is important that the web and supporting applications that are in production or being developed are accessible by everyone.

As a business owner, you are obligated to ensure your digital assets are compliant and usable for people with disabilities, especially with all the lawsuits, rulings, and demand letters that are currently happening. A recent study finds that over 90% of home pages have accessibility problems, meaning the page is not coded properly for screen readers and other accessibility tools.

Business Xposure designs, develops, and optimizes websites and applications that align to the Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA) 1.2 standards by W3.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately 57 million Americans have a disability. Incorporating Accessibility code into your websites and applications improves brand loyalty and most importantly removes user barriers to your content and services. Other benefits of Accessible websites are that they create a better user experience and enhances your Search Engine Position and Ranking.

checkADA & WCAG Compliance
checkAvoid Lawsuites
checkContent is Available to Everyone
checkBoost your Brand
checkScreen Reader Accessible
checkKeyboard Navigation Accessible
checkForm & Submission Compliance
checkUI & UX Design Adjustments
checkDocument Download Compliance
checkAccessible Content Development
checkAccessibility Statements
checkCompliance Monitoring
checkClosed Captioning
checkIcons, Buttons, Alt Tag, Section Compliance

Commonly Used Assistive Technology For Individuals with Disabilities

We ensure your business applications, websites, and media are properly built and work with mobility devices and software that is used by people with disabilities. Having an ADA complaint website allows you to reach a larger group of consumers and further grow your business.

Screen readers

The websites and applications we build support Software that is used by the blind or visually impaired individuals. Screen readers actually read the page content contained on the screens.  The following Screen Reader Applications work with the websites that we build: Jaws for Windows, NVDA, and Voiceover for Mac.

Speech or Voice input

Many users use speach to navigate an application or website as they have difficulty typing or lack devices needed to navigate a computer.  Users have the ability to give voice commands that perform mouse actions.

Screen magnifiers

Magnifiers allow users to increase the size of the text and graphics of a website or web application, these tools also give users the ability to change the font. We build websites and applications that allow users to use these tools and comfortably see the words on your computer screen. We ensure your website content and services offered are available to consumers with reduced vision.

Assistive keyboards

Non standard keyboards are often used by consumers who cannot use a standard keyboard.  These ergonomic keyboards allow users to navigate websites and applications.  Many of these keyboards are equipped with large and or small keys, braille, and other customizable controls.

Text readers

Text readers help people who may have learning disabilities, or users simply want the content read to them at a faster speed to save time. Screen readers allow users to select page copy from websites, and the technology can read that content out loud to them.

Refreshable Braille Display

Computer stations are equipped with a line of braille characters that dynamically raise and lower pins for computers that incorporate Braille displays. Many accessibility standards require that this capability is incorporated into applications.

Small Business Website Accessibility ADA Lawsuits

See recent news stories below showing how small business owners are receiving demand letters from law firms demanding ADA compliance.

Business Owners face lawsuit over ADA Accessibility

Over 100 lawsuits over ADA Accessibility per Month

Section 508 Compliance for Digital Content, What it Means.