Social Media

Social Media has become a requirement for all organizations large and small, profit and nonprofit. Building, linking, branding, and operating your social networks should be top priority.  Social Media provides an interactive outlet to your customers; it allows you to control your brand messaging, and online reputation.

How Can Social Media Benefit Your Business?

  1. Create awareness of new products, programs, or deals in your local area.
  2. Create a community of loyal customers, allow for feedback on open dialogue.
  3. Provide followers with instant updates on events, products, services, and promotions.
  4. Reach new customers and members, drive sales, and build strong relationships.  
  5. Improve internet search results, drive traffic to specific website pages.

Need Help Getting Started?

Let Business Xposure help define and develop your social media strategy to include branding your social media pages.  Let us help establish your messaging plan and the frequency at which you will engage and capture your social media following.  Business Xposure will educate you on the social media 80/20 rule, remember you want to start a conversation with fans not flood them with sales messages.  Let us help with the dialogue and creating the blend of 20% promotion and 80% fun conversation.  

Social Media Services Business Xposure Provides

  1. Account Setup and Page Branding – Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, Tumblr,, and more.
  2. Full social media management – let us take control of your social media marketing so you can focus on running your organization.  
  3. Education – consult with us for social media best practices and strategies.  
  4. Content Creation – we can help to create content to include page copy, promotional videos, photography services, brochures, and graphic design.

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